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2020 Ford Explorer


Ford Explorer

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Services Performed
  • Lube, Liqui-Moly Oil, Filter Service; Removal and replacement of existing engine oil and oil filter, Engine oil provides lubrication, cooling and cleaning to the internal parts of the engine. Engine oil degrades as it becomes dirty and contaminated from normal engine operation. The engine oil filter helps to protect the machined surfaces and bearings in an engine by removing particles from the engine oil. Not changing the oil and filter on a vehicle at the recommended intervals can lead to excessive engine wear and eventually engine failure. Replacing the engine oil and filter when recommended ensures proper and efficient engine performance and prolongs the life of the engine. Check the air filter, Check all fluids under the hood, Check engine for leaks, Check belts and hoses, Check tire pressure, Check undercarriage.
  • Add ERP Additive Before Oil Drain To Remove Fuel Residue And Restore Performance To Engine, Add MOA Engine Oil Supplement To Inhibit Sludge And Extent Engine Life, Add 44K Power Enhancer To Fuel Tank To Clean And Remove Carbon From Pistons & Intake Valves. (PN109, PN110, PN208)
  • Preform BG A/C, Evaporator Core, & Duct Cleaning Service. Disinfect & Sanitize A/C System, Clean Out All Debris & Contaminants. Inspect For Evaporator Leaks. (Recommend Replacing Cabin Air Filter As Applicable.)
  • Clean Brake System, Clean Hub & Studs, Replace Front Pads & Rotors, Replace Calipers, Replace Brake Lines.
  • Flush Brake System; Replenish With BG Performance Fluids to OE Specifications, Bleed System. Inspect For Leaks & Test Functions.
  • Preform BG Performance Cooling System Service; Visually Inspect Hoses, Add CoolingSystem Cleaner, Flush Cooling System, and Replenish Coolant to OE Specifications, Bleed System.
  • Perform BG Performance Transmission Service; Add BG Transmission Quick Clean, Flush System and Replenish Fluids to OE Specifications, Add BG Automatic Transmission Fluid Conditioner. ***Replace Pan Gasket & Filter As Applicable*** Transmission fluid provides lubrication, cooling and cleaning to various parts of the transmission The transmission fluid filter (if equipped) helps to prolong the life of the fluid by removing larger particles, but eventually the fluid and filter need to be changed. Dirty transmission fluid can cause shifting problems, premature component wear, transmission failure, and reduced fuel economy. Replacing the transmission fluid and filter at the recommended intervals helps ensure the transmission operates properly and prevents premature failure of the transmission.
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