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  • 2013 Land Rover Range Rover Evoque

    Land Rover Range Rover Evoque
    Service Date
    Services Performed
    • Attach "Land Rover" Computer Diagnostic System To Pull Codes: -See Attached Report- Brake Vacuum Pump Leaking – Air Injection Pump Faults Replace Brake Vacuum Pump & Clear Codes.
    • Replace Valve Cover w/ Gaskets
    Meagan S. gave our service a 5 star review on 1/18/2024
  • 2009 Land Rover Range Rover

    Land Rover Range Rover
    Service Date
    Services Performed
    • BATTERY – INSPECT – [Check battery condition; check/top up electrolyte level.] BRAKE CALIPERS – INSPECT – [Remove all road wheels before inspecting brake components. Check for leaks.] BRAKE DRUM OR DISC – INSPECT – [Remove all road wheels before inspecting brake components. Check condition.] BRAKE PADS – INSPECT – [Remove all road wheels before inspecting brake components. Check for wear and signs of damage.] COOLANT LEVEL – INSPECT – [Check/top up coolant level; check specific gravity.] DOOR HINGES & LOCKS – INSPECT – [Check operation of all door/flap/hood checks and catches.] DRIVE BELTS – INSPECT ELECTRICAL SPEED SENSOR HARNESSES – INSPECT – [Inspect electrical harnesses, routing and connections.] EXHAUST SYSTEM – INSPECT – [Check for leaks, damage and abrasion points.] FLUID & LUBRICANT LEVELS – INSPECT – [Check and top up brake, PAS and windshield washer fluid.] FLUIDS – INSPECT – [Check for fluid or air leaks.] FUEL SYSTEM – INSPECT – [Inspect fuel, hydraulic and fluid pipes, hoses and unions.] HORN OPERATION – INSPECT LIGHTING SYSTEM – INSPECT – [Check operation of all lights.] PARKING BRAKE – INSPECT – [Check adjustment of electronic parking brake.] SEAT/SAFETY BELTS – INSPECT – [Check condition and security.] STEERING SYSTEM – INSPECT SUSPENSION SYSTEM – INSPECT TIRES – INSPECT – [Check tire pressure, damage and tread depth.] WARNING SYSTEM OPERATION – INSPECT – [Check operation of all lights, warning indicators (if equipped) and horn.] WINDSHIELD WIPER & WASHER SYSTEMS – INSPECT – [Check operation of both front and rear (if equipped) wiper washer system. Add fluid if necessary.] WINDSHIELD WIPER BLADE INSERTS – INSPECT DOOR HINGES & LOCKS – LUBRICATE WHEEL CENTERS – LUBRICATE – [Refit wheels to opposite sides of the same axle, unless vehicle is fitted with unidirectional tires.] ANTI-CORROSION VEHICLE INSPECTION – PERFORM – [Perform Anti-corrosion inspection on vehicle exterior.] WHEELS – REMOVE & FIT – [Road wheels.] AIR CLEANER/ELEMENT – REPLACE – [Replace more often if you drive in dusty or sandy conditions.] CABIN AIR FILTER – REPLACE SERVICE INTERVAL INDICATOR/DISPLAY – RESET – [Reset Service Indicator at every service.] VEHICLE – ROAD-TEST – [Conduct road test; select LOW range gears and drive the vehicle 3-4 vehicle lengths, then reselect HIGH range gears.]
    • Attach "Land Rover" Computer Diagnostic System To Pull Codes: -See Attached Report- Replace Spark Plugs & Reset Electrical System
    • Flush Brake System; Replenish With BG Performance Fluids to OE Specifications, Bleed System. Inspect For Leaks & Test Functions.
    • Preform BG Performance Cooling System Service; Visually Inspect Hoses, Add CoolingSystem Cleaner, Flush Cooling System, and Replenish Coolant to OE Specifications, Bleed System.
    • Perform Transmission Service; Flush System and Replenish Fluids to OE Specifications, ***Replace Pan Gasket & Filter As Applicable*** Transmission fluid provides lubrication, cooling and cleaning to various parts of the transmission The transmission fluid filter (if equipped) helps to prolong the life of the fluid by removing larger particles, but eventually the fluid and filter need to be changed. Dirty transmission fluid can cause shifting problems, premature component wear, transmission failure, and reduced fuel economy. Replacing the transmission fluid and filter at the recommended intervals helps ensure the transmission operates properly and prevents premature failure of the transmission.
    Bryn E. gave our service a 5 star review on 4/6/2023