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2016 BMW X5



Service Date
Services Performed
  • Clean Brake System, Clean Hub & Studs, Replace Rear Pads & Rotors
Frank C. gave our service a 5 star review on 8/12/2022
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2013 BMW 535i


BMW 535i

Service Date
Services Performed
  • AUTOMATIC ROLL-OVER PROTECTION SYSTEM – ACTIVATE – [Open convertible top. Activate automatic rollover protection system via OBD diagnostic link.] HORN, HEADLAMP FLASHERS, HAZARD FLASHERS, TURN SIGNALS – CHECK A/C & HEATING SYSTEMS – INSPECT – [Inspect heater and air-conditioning blower.] BATTERY – INSPECT – [Check state of charge (magic eye) and charge if required.] BRAKE SYSTEM – INSPECT – [For the Brake System Connections and Lines: check for leaks, damage and correct positioning.] COOLANT LEVEL – INSPECT – [Check coolant fluid level and concentration.] LIGHTS & CONTROLS – INSPECT – [Check lighting system, i.e.: headlights, foglights, parking, back-up, license plate, interior (including map reading lights), glove box, flashlight, illuminated makeup mirrors, luggage compartment/area lights.] POWER STEERING FLUID – INSPECT – [Check fluid level.] REAR VIEW MIRRORS – INSPECT SEAT/SAFETY BELTS – INSPECT – [Check condition and function.] SRS AIRBAG UNITS – INSPECT – [Visually inspect units for torn covers, obvious damage or attachment of stickers.] STEERING SYSTEM – INSPECT – [Check for clearance, leaks, damage and wear.] TIRES – INSPECT – [Check tread depth, wear pattern, outer condition, inflation pressure. Correct pressure if necessary.] UNDERBODY CONTACT POINTS & LINKAGE – INSPECT – [Inspect underbody, including all visible parts (i.e. transmission, rear axle, fuel lines, exhaust system), check for damage, leaks and corrosion.] WINDSHIELD WASHER FLUID AND ANTIFREEZE PROTECTION – INSPECT – [Check protection level, fluid level, top if necessary.] WINDSHIELD WIPER & WASHER SYSTEMS – INSPECT – [Check windshield wiper and washer jet positions.] CONDITION BASED SERVICE SYSTEM (CBS) – RESET – [Reset the CBS after every service.] TIRE PRESSURE MONITORING SYSTEM SENSORS – RESET VEHICLE – ROAD-TEST – [Check brakes, including burnishing of parking brake pads; check steering, shock absorbers (visual) and transmission.]
  • SPARK PLUGS – REPLACE – [Replace Spark Plugs at approximately 60000 miles or at every 4th engine oil service.]
  • Lube, Full Synthetic Oil, Filter Service; Removal and replacement of existing engine oil and oil filter, Engine oil provides lubrication, cooling and cleaning to the internal parts of the engine. Engine oil degrades as it becomes dirty and contaminated from normal engine operation. The engine oil filter helps to protect the machined surfaces and bearings in an engine by removing particles from the engine oil. Not changing the oil and filter on a vehicle at the recommended intervals can lead to excessive engine wear and eventually engine failure. Replacing the engine oil and filter when recommended ensures proper and efficient engine performance and prolongs the life of the engine. Check the air filter, Check all fluids under the hood, Check engine for leaks, Check belts and hoses, Check tire pressure, Check undercarriage
  • Flush Brake System; Replenish With BG Performance Fluids to OE Specifications, Bleed System. Inspect For Leaks & Test Functions.
Jessica W. gave our service a 5 star review on 6/3/2022
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